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What We Do


We provide a Reception facility for sludge, waste oil, tank washing, oily residues/bilges, etc. to the vessels calling at all the major Ports in UAE.

We also provide tank cleaning, and sludge reception services, and procure used oil from all the foremost industries all over Dubai.

We buy all types of used/waste oil such as transformer oil, sludge oil, furnace oil, LDO (Sludge), hydraulic oil, engine oil, spilled bitumen, slope oil, gear oil, grease, turpentine oil, turbine oil, and all other petroleum products.

As a good gesture, we offer complimentary items like Medicines, Calling Cards, Recharge, newspapers, Films VCDs, Prawns (Seafood), etc. on advance intimations only.

​The company for the collection and processing of used industrial and motor oils Sharjah marine provides services for the export of used oils in the territory of the UAE for all categories of customers – enterprises and organizations, and individual entrepreneurs.

​Sharjahmarine appreciates your time and therefore we are implementing this option. We offer you a quick and convenient way to donate used oil – submit an


The main advantage of the Online application for waste oil collection services is the availability and ease of registration. To return used oil, it is enough to fill out an online application for the export of used oils on our website:

1. Fill out an online application and indicate additional wishes

2. Get an answer within 5 minutes, our employee will clarify the necessary data and conditions for the performance of work, and send a standard form of the contract (for legal entities)

3. Together with you, we will agree on the date and time for the removal of used oil

4. At the appointed time, waste oils are collected by specialized vehicles equipped with a vacuum pumping system and transported for further processing

5. Upon completion of the work, the provision of the necessary reporting and environmental documentation

Online Application


  • The waste oil is not contaminated with foreign objects, and the allowable water content is less than 5%

  • Providing access for special equipment, a 40-meter hose system allows you to pump out used oils stored in the ground, underground and other tanks, incl. from 200 l. barrels, euro-cubes

  • The minimum volume of used oil is 0.4 t (2 barrels)

You can get more detailed information about the collection of used oils and ask additional questions to our manager. An experienced specialist will provide a free professional consultation.

Our Specialization


Perfect Solutions For Any Industrials

De-Slopping - Disposal Of Sludge/Bilge From Ships And Vessels

We provide a wide spectrum reception facility for sludge, waste oil, oily residues/bilges, etc. to the vessels calling at all major Ports of UAE & Anchorage

Marine & Industrial Oily Waste Collection & Disposal

Collection and Disposal of Sludge/Slope/Bilge Water wash in compliance with IMP Approved standards (MARPOL 73/78)We are economical and prompt in our work commitment. 

Vessel Marine Tank Cleaning/ Industrial Storage Tank Cleaning

We undertake cleaning of Shore Storage Tanks, on-shore & off-shore tank cleaning, and vessel engine room tank cleaning. Ballast tank and to any type of vessel like VlCC's/ULCC to supply Boats. Our Comprehensive marine tank cleaning services

Used Oil Trading

We are the leading service providers for the Used Oil trading department, buying and selling all kinds of used engine oil, and used motor oil originating from cars, trucks, Buses, most automobiles, boats, ships, heavy vehicles, cranes, and hydraulic machinery.

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